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Hello watchers and friends, I am aware that I have been quite absent for a while now and I sure you have noticed too. Quite simply life was getting really difficult with school around again and I got swept up and pushed away.. I've been struggling for so long and I'm still not out of the rough yet but I'm sincerely trying. I'm writing this to announce that I will be deactivating this account. I know, I know. I've had it for so long and built so much off of it but I'm really craving a new canvas to flesh out. So with the end of this I will comes the beginning of another. My new account will be mourion. I have my bio to explain and verify that it is in fact me. I will be transferring all my art and ocs to that new account though not all will probably be resubmitted just due to clearing everything up and starting over. Feel free to check mourion out and watch me there I'll begin uploading things hopefully today and I will terminate this account soon after. I love you all and will try to follow you all before deactivation! I hope to see you ask again! Farewell! <3
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    Well obviously you all have probably noticed my lack of uploads and responds. For me this has become quite common sadly. And quite simply I can blame it on being WAYYYY too busy. School registration is tomorrow for me, and then my school year begins that following Monday. I am beyond stressed and anxious for this year, simply because a lot is already scheduled to happen, I am enrolled in numerous advanced courses, and well, school equals work and drama overload. Literally, since this year I'm taking the beginner class of ×Drama at my school. Which I am pumped for since it will help with my anxiety and I have always wanted to be an actress. Plus I have plenty of friends who have already been in it and always wanted me to join.. Over all I suppose you could say I am excited, but my excitement is constantly meshed with my anxiety so, ehh. Though no matter the circumstances I will certainly try to have an upload weekly and keep you all posted, though rping will most likely decline in ability to complete and accomplish. So I'll will probably resign my current rp characters again. Sorry. And the group I was planning on making with be postponed if not fully cancelled. I do apologize, because I honestly would stick around so much more if there was an easier way to. But no. This is not goodbye. I will be posting something nice very soon if all is well. But this will damper my abilities here.

Fursonas(Watchers ONLY)

    Now on a lighter note, its time to admit that I have far more characters than I can choose from or use. I have mentioned this before in the past and have tried to relinquish a few to you all before but have miserably failed because I could never get very far. I blame it on the fact that I am in so many adoptable groups and just see amazing things and want it so badly that I end up with it, but it never ends up with a use. SO, I am yet again going to attempt this "summer character cleaning" and possibly give a few off to you! Though I was warned on several adopts to not resell and to minimally edit; so I will be "gifting" them to you free of charge and favour, on the account that you do not change anymore of the characters physical features. No, this does not include clothing or art style. This means colouration and pattern.. I will be sketching ALL of my characters and sculpting them with MY style, though I will offer the original version as further reference. Yet I do warn you, not all of the characters I upload will be open for me to give to you, because I am going to try and decide on a permanent fursona out of them all and a select few of other side characters that I still enjoy; so I will boldly label if they are open to avoid confusion. I will probably upload every character with the name I have received with them or acquired to them, though you may change freely if I gift it to you. :) (Smile) I hope to be successful in finding them an active and loving home! Also, there is NO limit on how many characters I can gift to a single person. First come, first served. Though if you have already been gifted one I will put a numbered day of waiting on when I will give the character away, if by that day no one else asks for it then I will give it to you. The number of days will INCREASE with the more character you have already received. Also, once a character is given away I will delete them from my files and and to ensure they are solely yours. Though I will keep the picture I uploaded of them in which you got them from up, just as evidence that they switched ownership by my consent and that they were only given to you; and also because I'd like to check in randomly to see if they are at use. Other than that, that is all! I really hope you guys can find something you like and take 'em off of my hands! Because have around 30 to draw and get up!!! Just remember that since there are so many you may want to wait before asking for one, not because I won't give them to you, but because you may see one you like better later and if you already got one you will have to wait to make sure no other person is interested; NO EXCEPTIONS. Also, remember that the only limitations I have is that you are a watcher of mine and need to at least be able to keep up with the character better than I. I seriously hopes this goes well and that I can get them going again and to use. I love you all!! Can't wait to get them uploaded for you! Goodluck!! Heart

**P.S. The adopted character I will be offering include: human, kemonomimis, cats, dogs, ponies, wire-tail bunnies, and possibly^ a deer and unnatural, demon.**
 ^= Possibly, only because there is only one of them so I might chose to keep.


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Hello creepers of the web, some of you may know me by Nards or Nara, others would know me by a different set of names if you knew who I really was~ Either way this is my profile and I will warn you of some things before letting you roam. 1st, is I am a person all about getting respect, I give everyone a rather high level of my respect when I first meet them, depending on how you treat me, depends how you are treated in return. 2nd, don't fuck with me; it will be the stupidest thing you could possibly do, because I will ruin you. 3rd, I can be display various levels of controversy and profanity wherever I go, so do not bring up a 'touchy subject' and not expect me to dish out my thoughts and beliefs. 4th, haters are one of my biggest weaknesses. I get very emotional and tend to show my worst side when I have to 'choose a side' in an argument. I will get VERY rude, pissed, cruel, and bitchy; which is why I will ruin people if they fuck with me. Literally. 5th, my personality never changes, but my attitude will depending on who the person is. So don't take my teasing or sarcasm as rude, I'm probably just playing around to get to know you. But also don't try and use me for art/ points/ faves/ views/ or anything else tangible like that. If I do give you one of those though, its because I believe you deserve it... That's basically all there is to warn you of, so have fun and just talk to me to get to know me even better. I don't bite! ..Well not always, ;P :heart:


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