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A precise,clean headshot/solo picture of character.(Can include Oc's,canon,and any other)
Digital CM Piece
'Intricate background' and detailed character(s) 8 points added to price for each extra character.
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'Intricate background' and detailed character(s) 8 points added to price for each extra character.Examples:
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A customized adopt of any species of choice.Adoptable base may be used,if you have a preferred base,note it.(20 points for the first two,5+ for each extra in the batch)
  • Mood: Anguish
    I hate to keep disappearing like so, but my academics have always came first, and as of now I have been highly limited on time and energy. So as you've probably noticed I have been absent and inactive. I'm sorry for you guys that I have to choose, but I do. And to have a future, I choose school... I will still keep this account up and come on every now and then, but rps and requests will be postponed as of now. I may just have to remain off the site for a few days at a time, maybe even a week, but I will always try and come through when I actually can. for the rp groups I'm in: I most likely will not be able to attend many meetings or group rps, or keep up with my characters submitted. If I hold an important rank I ask that you demote me, so that my absence doesn't hinder the group. I will be removing Slatestar from :iconfutrue-of-the-clans: because of this possibility of long-term inability to keep up with BreezeClan, I apologize and probably will not return again with any new cats. Deadvine and Flickerflame are on pause in :iconcatsoftheforgotten: as of now, I may or may not finalize their deletion depending on when I can successfully return. Blaine and Jett are also on hold for now in :iconkitty-katty-town: though I do not plan to remove them, if they are I will possibly resubmit after my return. Any other characters in rp groups will be removed or deleted, and no longer in use in that group. I sincerely apologize, the stress is simply too great as of now and I need to crack down on grades and exams before I lose my grip on things at school... I hope you understand. Thank you and I love you, I will try to be back and better than ever with plenty of art soon! See you then!:heart:
   Love, Nara.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Female | Single
Hello creepers of the web, some of you may know me by Nards or Nara, others would know me by a different set of names if you knew who I really was~ Either way this is my profile and I will warn you of some things before letting you roam. 1st, is I am a person all about getting respect, I give everyone a rather high level of my respect when I first meet them, depending on how you treat me, depends how you are treated in return. 2nd, don't fuck with me; it will be the stupidest thing you could possibly do, because I will ruin you. 3rd, I can be display various levels of controversy and profanity wherever I go, so do not bring up a 'touchy subject' and not expect me to dish out my thoughts and beliefs. 4th, haters are one of my biggest weaknesses. I get very emotional and tend to show my worst side when I have to 'choose a side' in an argument. I will get VERY rude, pissed, cruel, and bitchy; which is why I will ruin people if they fuck with me. Literally. 5th, my personality never changes, but my attitude will depending on who the person is. So don't take my teasing or sarcasm as rude, I'm probably just playing around to get to know you. But also don't try and use me for art/ points/ faves/ views/ or anything else tangible like that. If I do give you one of those though, its because I believe you deserve it... That's basically all there is to warn you of, so have fun and just talk to me to get to know me even better. I don't bite! ..Well not always, ;P :heart:


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BeastsInTheNight Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
omg i
is your real name sienna?
BeastsInTheNight Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Psst Nards my friend sniped me and now they think I should post the picture, do you think I should?
Nara-Sinkasha-99 Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeah! vuv I wanna sees~ ouo
BeastsInTheNight Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Posted ^u^
kyuubigarner102 Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey wanna rp?
XxXKirraXxX Jan 19, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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KassyKat Jan 9, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
from umm FOTC do we need more females cause I have one?
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